Framed Bone Double Twist


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Framed Bone Double Twist

Framed Bone Double Twist

Bone Carving
Early sources of bone for carving were thought to have come from New Zealand Maori dog (Kuri), Seal, Moa, Whale and even Human.

These sources vanished quickly and very little bone carving survived from Pre-European times, except a few larger weapons made of ivory.

European seamen brought their own traditional style of carving called Scrimshaw.

With the introduction of catttle farming and metal tools, bone carving as an art form flourished in New Zealand.

The frame bone pendants have the Event Mark engraved into the matt and New Zealand 2011 engraved into the frame.

On the back of each product is information about bone carving and a definition of what each symbol stands for.

The frames come gift boxed.

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